How to Choose Wood for Hard Wood Stairs

Hard wood stairs surely add a distinctive look to the décor of your house. If your stairs are giving squeaky sounds every time you go up and down, then make sure that you change the wood. The best wood to use on the stair case is hard wood as it is tough and long lasting. It also adds elegance and beauty to your home. There are simple ways in which you can choose hard wood for your stair case:

Step 1 − Selection of Staircase Design

First you need to identify your need. What type of hard wood do you want, or what type of look do you want to give to your staircase? Depending on this you will find an appropriate type of hard wood.

Step 2 − Going to a Wood Shop

Go to a lumber store, hardware store, or home improvement store which sells wood and consult someone who can help identify a suitable type of hard wood for your stairs. There are many types of hard wood in the market. Some are easy to cut, others have open wood grains in them, some are of oak and some are of maple. So you just need to look in what type do you want and what type will suit you depending on your usage of stair case. If you want to add a unique flair to your home then go for hickory, cherry, white oak, maple or walnut for your staircase.

Step 3 − Checking Pre- finish

If you want treads in your hard wood, then order your stair treads pre-finished. This will allow you to use your stairs as soon as they are ready, you would not have to wait until the finish seals. If hard wood is pre-finished then there are fewer chances for getting the seasonal cracks and separations in the wood.

Step 4 − Color

You need to keep in mind the color that goes with your house décor, sometimes the natural color of the wood is so beautiful that it does not need to be changed. If you add color to the hard wood, the look would not remain the same. So you need to keep in mind the color you want and try to choose a hard wood that has a good natural color. It would save you a bunch of money.

Step 5 − Texture

Texture is a very important thing that you must keep in mind while choosing a hard wood for stairs. Hard wood does not necessarily have to be smooth. Hand scraped and reclaimed pieces are becoming more and more popular in the market. These pieces of hard wood have more value and they add a more classic look to your home. If you opt for a hard wood that has a rough texture, this beneficial because when used in a staircase with high volume of traffic this texture would not let your stairs get damaged any time soon.