How to Clean Glass Block Mortar

Glass block
mortar is a combination of white cement, lime, sand and other additives, and is popularly used to lay stone, concrete block, brick and glass blocks. Relatively easy to use, glass block mortar must be cleaned appropriately upon application to ensure that it serves its purpose as a waterproof and decorative... read more >>

How To Care For Your Mantel

Maintaining a clean, clutter-free fireplace mantel marks your home as a welcoming, tidy place where family and guests will want to spend quality time. These simple tips will help you clean and preserve your mantel for years to come.

Keep It Clutter Free

When you walk into a house, one of the least appealing sights... read more >>

How to Change the Color of a Glass Block

While clear glass block brings sparkling sunlight into your living space, you can enhance this glass block effect by changing its color. Several simple ways to add color to your glass block installation are discussed below.

Translucent Paint

Paint the reverse side of...

How to Choose Wood for Hard Wood Stairs

Hard wood stairs surely add a distinctive look to the décor of your house. If your stairs are giving squeaky sounds every time you go up and down, then make sure that you change the wood. The best wood to use on the stair case is hard wood as it is tough and long lasting. It also adds elegance and beauty to your... read more >>

How to Clean a Glass Staircase

Cleaning fingerprints and grime from your glass staircase balustrade requires a careful cleaner choice, to prevent damage to the stair treads. Learn more below about how to safely clean a glass staircase.

Ammonia-Based Glass Cleaners

Use a standard ammonia glass cleaner such as Windex... read more >>