How To Create a Spanish Style Breezeway

A breezeway is a great way to create an entertaining space or just a place to relax. If you have a detached garage and want a relaxing patio type space, a Spanish breezeway is an attractive and functional option that will add value to your home and makes the perfect place to visit with friends and family on a warm afternoon... read more >>

How to Complete a Brick Wall Tear Down

A brick wall tear down can be an exhausting task requiring a great deal of strength. By applying the enough force to the right spots in the wall, the job will become much easier.

Tools and Materials
  • A sledgehammer
  • A power saw
  • A concrete blade
  • A chisel
  • A hammer
  • A jackhammer
  •

    How to Contstruct a Built-In Bar for Your Basement

    A lot of people dream of having a bar inside their home, and one way to have a built-in bar, is to build it in your basement. A bar is an entertainment amenity that gives you the space and props to entertain your guests with drinks. It is also a place where you can store your numerous alcoholic beverages and its corresponding... read more >>

    How to Create a Built-In Bookshelf Cabinet

    A built-in bookshelf cabinet can look expensive, but doesn't have to be. You can custom create your own with some wood and a little carpentry know-how.

    Your objective is to make the bookshelf cabinet look as if it's part of the architecture. In addition to the supplies below, you'll want to make sure you have paint... read more >>