How to Design Wine Bar Furniture

Learning how to design wine bar furniture can be a fun venture. Designing and building wine bar furniture can enhance a room, provide a fun and party atmosphere and be a welcoming place for family and guests. Although much wine furniture is designed in darker woods, wine barrels are also used and are made of white oak.... read more >>

How to Design a Home Wet Bar

Having a home wet bar can add both extra finesse and practicality to it. A wet bar is basically a wood counter for serving alcoholic drinks which has a water sink attached to it to facilitate the making of cocktails and subsequent cleaning. Usually, the bar is also outfitted with its own fridge for cold drinks, unobtrusive... read more >>

How to Design an Italian Smoking Room

An Italian smoking room in your home is a room akin to a bar, designed for socializing and relaxation. Inside, you might sample fine cigars and drink good liquor. The smoking room has a design more distinguished than a typical man cave. With a little help, you can be on your way to enjoying a fine cigar and a sip of scotch.

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How to Design a Steel and Glass Railing on Wood Sprial Stairs

A steel and glass railing on a set of wood spiral stairs is one of the newest updates to the traditional spiral stair appearance. Using a glass railing on spiral stairs is different that on traditional stairs because there is no railing for the glass to rest in along the stairs. This means you have to get creative. This... read more >>

How to Design a Wood Spiral Stair

When you begin your design for a wood spiral stair, you should first take into account the design elements of your home. You want a staircase that will match the current wood and decor in your home, not an obvious eyesore. Keeping this in mind, you then need to select the materials that you will use to construct your wood... read more >>

How to Design Lighting and Electricity for Home Bar Plans

If you're considering installing a bar in a part of your home, there are a number of different factors to take into consideration while making your home bar plans. In addition to designing the layout and appearance of the bar itself and selecting the appropriate space in the home, your bar will likely require both lighting... read more >>

How to Design Patio Bar Sets that Stand Out

Adding patio bar sets to your patio or deck is a welcoming touch for guests at your parties and barbecues. Here are a few tips to help you design a patio bar set that stands out.

Step 1: The Bar

When designing the bar, you have several styles and options. The front of the bar can be plain, but add some pizazz by... read more >>

How to Design Plumbing for Home Bar Plans

The most involved job in home bar plans is the design and installation of the plumbing. Without it, a wet bar is just a counter. The task entails cutting into the existing water line, running both hot and cold water to the wet bar and piping the drain back to the main drain of the home. Depending on where the wet bar is... read more >>

How to Design the Plumbing for Wet Bars

Wet bars are the next best thing when it comes to entertaining. If you are ones of those homeowners who have a huge, unused basement, yet no place to relax and mingle with the neighbors, it’s definitely time for you to set up your very own wet bar. It’s just as simple as setting the ordinary bar, but with plumbing... read more >>