How to Faux Paint Interior Columns

If you have interior columns in your home you may be thinking about faux painting them to give them a new look. Most supplies you will need are available at a home repair center or craft store. There are several faux painting techniques that would work well on interior columns.

You Will Need
  • Craft paint in appropriate...

    How to Design Wood Stair Cases

    Whenever you are deciding on wood stair cases there are several different factors that you should keep in mind. It is important that you have a complete design prepared in your head so that you will be able to make the job go much easier and smoother. The more prepared you are for your wood stair case, the better... read more >>

    How to Drill Into Concrete Walls

    Drilling into concrete walls with a normal drill can be very frustrating and the results very untidy and disappointing. If you have to drill into a concrete living room you need to use a hammer drill fitted with tungsten carbide masonry bits.

    • Hammer drill
    • Tungsten carbide masonry bits
    • Large masonry...

      How to Drywall a Bullnose Corner Bead

      Learning and applying drywall bullnose techniques is well worth the effort for those of you tired of rooms with square corners. The bullnose corners can add a great architectural touch to your room with a relatively easy effort. If you are selling your home, bullnose corners will give your home an updated modern look... read more >>

      How to Estimate the Cost of Remodeling a Home

      Remodeling a home can be enjoyable and fulfilling work, especially if you're going to commit yourself fully to it. Seeing your design ideas materialize and come to life will make the oftentimes laborious, costly and strenuous task of remodeling, worthwhile. Before you embark on refurbishing or rebuilding your home, it... read more >>