How to Install a Sink in Your Home Wet Bar

If you truly want a home wet bar, there needs to be a sink installed. Otherwise what you have could be called a bar or just a liquor cabinet. Having a sink completes the setup. It allows you to do all of your cleanup right there without having to take any dishes, bar mats, glasses or other bar accessories up to the kitchen... read more >>

How to Install a Gypsum Ceiling Board

A gypsum ceiling board - more commonly known as drywall - is an excellent material to use when building interior walls and ceilings and is far simpler than its out-dated counterpart; plaster. There are no liquid-based materials to create extensive mess and gypsum boards are available in all manner of convenient sizes.... read more >>

How to Install a Metal Bullnose

If you want smoother corners around your home, you might consider installing a metal bullnose, or corner bead, as some call it. This is a piece of metal that has been folded down the middle with a 45 degree angle. They also can sometimes have rounded corners or even holes in already drilled in them. The metal bullnose... read more >>

How to Install a Non-Skid Strip on a Wood Stair Tread

There are various materials that may be used to install a non-skid strip on a wood stair tread. They range from strips of carpeting through rubber, special paint, tape, vinyl and some metals. These are a few of the options to make your wood stairs less dangerous to walk on during periods of inclement weather where water... read more >>

How to Install a Plastic Bullnose

If you are installing drywall, chances are good that you will have to install some sort of bullnose corner bead as well. There are many types for you to choose from, but plastic is the most common material for corner bead. This is because plastic is easy to work with. Additionally, plastic's flexibility gives it numerous... read more >>